A Statement of Values

Hospitality: Our Doors are open. Hospitality is a major value in all ancient cultures including for the Norse, the Celts and the Greeks. Some might argue that it is the foundation stone for all Indo-European religion. In the ancient Greek stories, Zeus would disguise himself as people whom society had marginalized to test the virtue…

The regret begins before I even eat my first spoonful.

Not My Hellenism: The Danger of Narrow Definitions

I almost named the MeetUp, “Greek Pagans,” but then, I thought better of it. The words seemed to resonate with baggage. Besides, I said to myself, I’m not really a, “Greek Pagan.” No, just because I had a deeply important, mystical relationship with a Greek deity or two, was deeply fascinated with Greek culture and…

Zeus rit 2

Talking with Zeus

Since I got tapped by Zeus late last year, I’ve performed a monthly “check-in ” with him. I tend to do my check-ins with him while moving–in a car or airplane or whatever–but this month I had the time to do a proper check in with him at home. (I was also a week later…


We are Pandemos

Pandemos is a San Francisco Bay area collective of practitioners from diverse backgrounds, approaches and communities, united for the purpose of honoring the Hellenic gods and celebrating Hellenic culture.