Devotional for Apollon, July 26th, 2:30pm

On July 26th at 2:30pm, join Pandemos in a devotional for one of the brightest of deities.

Apollon is a god of music, philosophy, nature, science and prophecy. The ritual will use a blend ancient customs and modern invocations to create a framework for thoughtful conversation, feasting, divination and myth embodiment.

What to wear: “Sacred Casual.” Wear anything that reminds of you of Apollon, or if you don’t know Apollon very well, the nerdiest shirt you have. T-shirts with math, science, philosophy or logic jokes are greatly appreciated. We will be outside. Wear sun protection.

What to bring: Please bring healthy, vegetarian, gluten-free food to share. Please mark allergens such as nuts, dairy or eggs. Contact us in advance if you have any allergy not listed here.

Other notes: Because we are honoring the god of sobriety, there will be no alcohol at this ritual. The ritual will be held at a public, outdoor location in Sunnyvale.

If you are interested in attending, please email, and detail your interest in Apollon, Greek Paganism, and/or Ancient Greek culture. 



2 thoughts on “Devotional for Apollon, July 26th, 2:30pm

  1. Reblogged this on Magick From Scratch and commented:

    On the off chance that any of you might be in the SF Bay area. Apollon is an important deity to do myth embodiment for, because he is a deity of so many wonderful things, but who yet has so many problematic myths.


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