Congratulations, Nayja!

Last night, E.K.D. ordained and initiated our member Nayja as a Priest of Dionysos.

Nayja is a shining example of Dionysian virtues. She is outgoing, joyful, and concerned for the wellbeing of her fellow community members. She holds freedom as her highest virtue and believes that the freedom of all people is something to be fought for and defended. She continues to teach about consent in all of her dealings and respects the will and soul of all beings.

We would like to congratulate Nayja on the study and growth which have brought her to this point in her spiritual development, and offer blessings to her in the exciting journies which are sure to follow!

We would also like to honor those from outside of our community, from many traditions and walks of life, who came together last night to celebrate this momentous occasion, some of whom flew in from out of state to be there and remained with her through the process. Thank you for joining us!


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