Dec 13-15, Weekend Retreat: Dionysos and Ariadne

Too often-hailed as “party gods” (though they are that, too), Dionysos and Ariadne are also deities of life indomitable, joy, self-exploration, self-expression, and most importantly of all, Freedom. This event is semi-private. You may attend if you are recommended by a member of Pandemos. Those of you who already know one of us can get in touch if this event looks interesting. If you’re a Pandemos member and don’t have access to the Band, get in touch with us.

Programming will have an emphasis on:

  • Engaging creatively with mythology
  • Sacred drama
  • Cooking and eating historical recipes
  • Mystical and magical rituals
  • LGBTQ+ Issues
  • Theater and improv as a sacred activity
  • Empathy, Inclusivity, and Consent
  • Psychology in mysticism and magical practice
  • Polytheism, Divine Relations, and Devotion

This weekend retreat will be held in a cozy hotel in Sunnyvale, CA.  This isn’t a con, but rather, a small community event. There is no registration fee. There are no big conference areas. All of the programming will be held in the hotel rooms, many of which have living room areas and kitchens.

Pandemos members and their guests are welcome to attend part or all of our programming even if they aren’t staying at the hotel.

We will also be hosting this event on December 18-20th in 2020, and will be opening this up to a slightly wider audience. If you want to teach a class, lead a household-style ritual, or do a fun activity on any of the themes central to the event, submit your ideas and a  CV to crownofhellas at gmail by August 1st, 2020. You may certainly contact us earlier, as well. You do not need to book a room at the hotel in order to present. Attendance will always be free. 

If you are a small to medium-sized Polytheist group interested in collaborating with us on the December 2020 event, please contact crownofhellas at gmail.


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