1. What kind of Hellenic Paganism is this?

Revivalist? Mystical Traditionalism? We value diversity and are open to all types of Hellenes, but the majority of us are that bookish, primary source text, witchy, mystical type of Hellene who wants to love this pantheon up close and personal. This group is full of godspouses and people who have gone on intense vision quests and initiatory journies to connect to these gods.

No one in this group is here because some deity forced them, or because they think they have to be. Loving, consensual relationships with Greek deities is what we are about.

Also hospitality. And parties.

Full disclosure: we party kind of hard.

2. Can I join?

If you are a good fit for our community, we’d be happy to have you. We’re looking for fun, progressive, creative, friendly people.

If you have ever had a meltdown because someone depicted a Hellenic deity as non-white, or non-cis, or fat, or as having a disability, if you huff and reject people who seem imperfect, if you have ever wished that you could ban someone from Polytheism for not “doing it right,” if you have ever accused another practitioner of having miasma because they made you mad, if you have ever called someone a “larper” because they wanted to do bridal mysticism, then you are a jerk, and we don’t want to be friends with you. If you have ever thought about being nasty to a community leader because you thought you’d be a better leader, and you just don’t understand why no one recognizes your inherent greatness, then you are not only a jerk, you’re a giant pain in the ass, and you are the last person we want to deal with.

If you are not a jerk, if you love the Hellenic gods, if you basically want to be a good and nice person, hang out, drink, have snacks, and be geeky about Ancient Greek myth or history, then you’re probably a good fit for this group.

To apply, send the following info to crownofhellas at gmail dot com:

  1. Name
  2. Date of birth
  3. Reason for your interest in Pandemos
  4. Area you are interested in: 1. Santa Clara County, CA   2. Boulder Creek, CA   3. Austin, TX
  5. Preferred method of contact

We’ll get in touch, do some interviews, and see if you’re a good fit!

3. Am I really a Greek Pagan?

Do you like Greek deities? Yes? Ok, then. That counts.

4. I’m not Recon.

It’s OK if you aren’t Recon. It’s OK if you are, too. If you are OK with us, we are OK with you.

5. I’m Dual-Trad. I worship non-Greek deities. 

That’s totally fine.

6. Is this affiliated with (insert name of group)?

No. We are a very small and independent community.

7. Do you do mysticism? How do you keep mysticism safe?

We do mysticism, oracular work, and trance. Our deities want a cultus and understand that making people in their cultus hate them is contrary to this aim. They do not suffer imposters. Violation of consent is a violation of hospitality, full stop. Any human who violates our hospitality is asked to leave and not come back. Greek deities have never violated our hospitality nor do we expect them to at any time in the future.

Stalkers and harassers will be loaded into the nearest trebuchet and launched directly at the side of a mountain. I’m kidding, we don’t have a trebuchet. Wait, maybe I’m not kidding. I think I might know a guy. Seriously, just run.

8. Are children welcome?

Our events include alcohol, fire, and frequently occur in parks where a changing table might be hard to come by.

That said, our rituals are designed to be participatory and engaging, with lots of call and response, songs, and opportunities to talk to deities face to face.

Only you can decide if it is appropriate to bring your child. If you do decide to bring them, you are responsible for their behavior and safety.

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