Hellenic Revivalism

There are plenty of Hellenic Reconstructionist groups out there, but our communities are not among them.

If Reconstructionism was right for us, we would have joined one of those existing groups rather than starting our own.

Many of us who practice magic and mysticism, who think that the mythology of the ancient world may not be the final word on who the gods are right now, or who simply don’t want to be shamed for having private practices that are modern in origin felt unwelcome in Recon spaces.

For those of you who are solitary because of reasons that sound like the ones listed above, Hellenic Revivalism may be a good option.

If you want to be with the Greek pantheon, have a community, and not have anyone jump down your throat about how you privately relate to the gods, if parts of Hellenic practice don’t work for you and you need people who can respect those boundaries and still welcome you into their community with open arms, if you want a place where the emphasis is on being a good person rather than good at source texts, we are a great community to do Hellenic Revivalism in.