Initiation and Ordination

To become a priest within B.A.H.C. requires two years of study, and the program is by invitation only. We firmly believe that priesthood has no meaning outside of the context of a community. Though our training program entails ritual basics, mystical techniques, history lessons, and practical hands-on training with mediumship and warding, we believe that the most important qualification to become a priest is showing up, being a part of the community, and being helpful to community members. 

We do not initiate or ordain people who are cruel, inhospitable, bigots, or who lack a basic moral compass.

Becoming a High Priest in our group requires at least two years of priestly experience within our group. We evaluate candidates based on their treatment of our members, their reliability in terms of planning and organizing events, their mastery of mystical techniques, and their general interest in developing and maintaining the community.

The training period to become a High Priest varies, but requires a good deal of one-on-one instruction on how to teach and plan curriculum for classes, how to mediate conflicts, how to conduct weddings and other rites of passage, how to enforce community rules,  how to coordinate teams of volunteers to accomplish larger projects, and advanced magical and mystical techniques.

After you have been initiated as a High Priest, we will guide you through the process of getting certified as clergy in the U.S. so that you can legally conduct weddings.

The program is free but requires a great deal of commitment and hard work.