About Pandemos

Pandemos is a San Francisco Bay area collective of practitioners from diverse backgrounds united for the purpose of honoring the Hellenic gods and celebrating Hellenic culture. More of our clergy than not have had years of intensive magical training in other traditions before committing to the service of the Hellenic pantheon.

We offer classes, clergy training, oracular sessions, and public devotionals. We have community artisans who create beautiful depictions of the Hellenic deities, Ancient Greek-inspired pottery, devotional beadwork, and fiber crafts. We also have clergy available to conduct weddings and memorials.

Our devotionals are free to attend and include a feast provided by our members. A few of us are really great at cooking!

Our ritual style is a combination of traditional and creative. We purify with khernips, make offerings to Hestia both first and last, and libate into a fire pit when possible. Many of our rituals are conducted outdoors. On occasion, you may see magical or mystical tech which is modern or an import from another trad. Most of our clergy trust the Hellenic deities and the ancient ritual forms to do everything required for both mysticism and devotion, however, we see creating new ritual forms and techniques as an act of devotion, just as much as creating any art can be.

Our flavor has been described as heady and ecstatic. We honor the Olympians, Hekate, and Pan, but have a particular affinity for the rustic gods, and the deities of Arcadia.



2 thoughts on “About Pandemos

  1. This website — and the calendar — are fairly new. We’ll be having a planning meeting, probably after the Autumn Holiday rush, and will be updating the calendar thereafter.


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