Pandemos at Pantheacon

2020 is the last Pantheacon.

On a personal level, we had a lot of mixed feelings about that. As a Non-Wiccan group full of LGBT and POC Polytheists, and as a group that has specifically opted out of any pan-polytheist conglomeration, we’ve faced some hostility. Despite this, we’ve made many important connections at Pantheacon. We have friends that we see only once a year there and nowhere else.

We see and acknowledge the realities of con which were pointed out in Coru’s statements. LGBT and especially gender diverse voices are not being taken seriously. People of color are not being heard or adequately represented. Steps have not been taken to adequately prevent bullying.

Our take is as follows:

Based on the statements released, Con-Ops isn’t willfully attempting to marginalize or hurt anyone. They’re simply ill-prepared to deal with the realities of a Pagan community that contains bigots. They’re not in favor of hatred, they’re just struggling with a response that is professional, measured, and appropriate. They very well might succeed this year.

Many LGBT+ folks who are new to the path will still show up this year. We want to be there for them.

Our deities belong to all people, not to a specific ethnicity or culture, and historically, they always have — we are very sad that we live in a country where this attitude is the exception and not the rule, but understand that as a result, we need to go the extra mile to make sure PoC feel welcome and safe. We aim to create a space that is welcoming to everyone who isn’t a bigot, and specifically to the oppressed and marginalized members of our community. We will adjust our fliers and posters to reflect that.

Additionally, we will be taking measures to keep our guests safe. Anyone reported for aggressive, bullying, abusive, or discriminatory behavior will be banned from our space.

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