Artemis Devotional: Sunday, May 26th, 2019

Artemis is the goddess of the hunt, of children, and the wild. She is the sister of Apollon, and an important goddess in the cultus of the Olympians.

Pandemos additionally honors Artemis as patroness women and femme non-binary people who have forsworn romantic entanglements with men, or who were never interested in them to begin with.

According to Ovid, Statius, and Nonnus, Zeus seduced a woman sworn to the bow of Artemis by taking her guise.

Nonnus, Dionysiaca 2. 122 ff :
“Kronion (Cronion) won the bed of Kallisto by taking the form of Artemis!”


This struck no one as strange, and so, we interpret, there must not have been anything shocking about Artemis having sex with the women who surrounded her.

Artemis is gay. Die mad about it.

“I swear by Styx, Zeus, if you don’t stop telling me how to live my life, I am going to move to Ephesus and grow a thousand tits!”

Our rite roughly follows the traditional forms, purification by khernips, first and last libations first and last to Hestia, and offerings to the Goddess will be burned in a sacred fire.

Trance mediumship is likely to occur, but there will also be fun games to play.

We will meet for socializing and food at noon. We’ll gather at Steven’s Creek Park in Sunnyvale, CA, in the lower section of the park.

Please bring food or a game to share. Ancient Greek cosplay is encouraged but not required.

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