We Welcome Godspouses

Hellenic deities love, marry, and sometimes immortalize human beings. This is a facet of the ancient myths which many modern practitioners take issue with.

We don’t.

I’d give you a list of ancient godspouses, but it’s a very, very long list. Rather, if you have your doubts, put the name of any Greek god and the word “loves” into the search field on your favorite search engine.

Our view is not that it’s anyone’s job to verify such a relationship. You love a Greek deity. That’s great! If you love a deity, regardless of how, we trust that it will deepen your commitment to this path. Revivalism is all about making space for people’s diverse gnosis.

Some people fear that godspouses will beat people over the head with their relationship, declaring that everyone else is wrong forever.

We discourage beating people over the head. We do not support mean people. The rationale is less important than the behavior itself. On the whole, we’ve observed a greater incidence of godspouses being bullied than of them bullying anyone else.

We don’t allow bullying here.

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